8 Atom plugins you should have

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To Start, usually I used Coda but for 3 or 4 months I have left it over. It’s not so fast and it doesn’t adapt to new html or other standards. I’d like to have something fast, stable but with sacrificing features. Atom which is created by GitHub looks like interesting. With all the community plugins , it’s not the case anymore; I LOVE IT!

When I do web development, I like to have some special features to help me up. Usually, programs are so complex that I’m lost or too small to be powerful. For me, development should be fun. So, that’s why I love Atom. You can add every plugin you like to boost it up. Isn’t that great?

There are a lot of plugins and I felt a bit lost, but without them Atom is nothing.

There are my 8 favorites:


Pigments pluginFirst, let’s start with Pigments. This plugin displays the colors you use in your stylesheets. Atom, does not have problems to run across a lot imported files ( like in saas/scss/less). With that feature, Pigments also show us the color when we use variable.


When I write code I want to be fast. But Atom doesn’t automatically close html tag. Less than slash fixes that problem. When you want to close a tag you can just write </ and the last opened tag is automatically closed.


Probably one of the most used plugin. This plugin allows to do all Git command without leaving the editor. Furthermore, it detects difference between the local and the master commit. On the left there are  for changes, some + for added and  for deleted . At the bottom right, there is also the number of changes. Finally, when we do a commit, a panel open up, you write a message, save it and it’s all done.


Because I use Gulp and Npm I need a powerful terminal. I know the name is kind of weird but it’s my most used plugin. A termian is added in the bottom left of the screen, press on it and a terminal slide up. Also, it’s already into your project folder. For Gulp, NPM, Bower, Git, everything works and it’s a lot faster than using the os terminal.


If you have a lot of different projects, you don’t have to browse and add them every time you open the software in your tree (left panel). In addition, with Project-manager, you give a name to a project and it link to their files.


Seems weirds but there is no “open recent” in Atom, this plugin fixes that case.


You can upload your file on a ftp server without opening another software. It creates in your folder a .ftpconfig file.  Enter all your credentials and connect. Be aware that you must delete it from the server because it is uploaded with all the other files and the written information is in plain text.


The last but not the least, Hightlight Selected highlights the selected word (dah!) in all the instances of that word in your current file. It’s useful for  SEO, variables …

For the rest, I use linter and syntax highlighter…

So, Do you use plugin I don’t know ? Did you discover some new?

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