Real-Time Marketing for the Enterprise on-the-go

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In today’s business reality, not only do we take for granted that the right information will be accessible anytime, anywhere but also that it will help us make more enlightened decisions instantaneously, on-the-go !

The ability to adjust our business offering in real-time, to make some real-time Marketing. It can constitute an undeniable competitive advantage.

Real-Time Marketing – first, a corporate vision

The most profitable case of « Real-Time Marketing » with the ability for the Sales Force to make decisions on-the-go. It would be any enterprise deploying a Point of Sales network in a highly competitive market.  Consequently, the Sales cycle as well as all relevant processes such as Marketing and Supply should all be accelerated.

And if the Sales cycle is getting faster, it needs to be said that not only information will circulate faster as well but also that Production / Supply, Marketing, and the back office in general, should be in sync with Sales.

We want the Sales force to be able to make business decisions « on the go », adjust the business offering, at Points of Sales.  Likewise, we want Clients to possess the right information to make purchase decisions, them too, « on-the-go ».  We want our Clients to benefit, them too, of this new accelerated real-time decision ability.  And in fact, what’s missing for your Sales Force or Clients to make that enhanced and faster Sales / Promotion / Purchase decision?

If the corporate decision to make Real-Time Marketing is taken seriously to enhance competitiveness, the, it should translate into an official internal corporate policy that all must follow and apply and by the implementation as well of tools and technologies necessary to information access and sharing and enhanced productivity.

Real-Time Marketing – second, a mobile web technology

Which tools and technologies will facilitate real-time Marketing?

A good example is the Wine and Spirits Sales Management Mobile Web Application which Analystik has developed for the Wine and Spirits Promotion Agencies and that gathers and displays all Wine and Spirits Sales at Points of Sales data relative to sound Sales and Marketing Activities Management.

WSMS enables Sales per product, per branch and per territory data access anytime. This multiplatform application, and data as well, is accessible on Mobile and  Desktop.

Therefore, the Sales Force is able, thanks to real-time information availability, to make the following decisions at Points of sales:

  • Maintain or stop a promotion in specific branches or areas
  • Make real-time order to inventory for products approaching shortage in stores
  • Creating instant promotion in specific branches or areas on a range of products selling poorly
  • And all other relevant data for Marketing & Sales


Nevertheless, with technology more than anywhere else, it’s important to have a vision first… Welcome to the Entreprise 2.0.

Safe journey,


Denis Paul & Michel

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