The Decision of a Custom Software Development – 3rd Myth

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Evidently, considering the massive investments required and made in IT today, purchase decisions and suppliers selection must go through Finance and sometimes even through, Board of Direction. The decision of a custom software development for an application application falls under this type of investment and the weight of this responsibility is a myth, in our opinion; the 3rd myth in our series of custom software development.

Therefore, in this context of collegiality decision-making, nobody bears on its own the weight and responsibility (the shame) of decisions, sometimes dire of consequences. And this concept of shared responsibility is becoming somewhat a generalized entrepreneurial culture in Western societies, for the better and the worst. A great many thinks that the reign of commercial software reflects such an era… and entrepreneurial culture.

Tell me what motivates you…

We’re not going to go through all arguments in favor of commercial softwares in this post but let’s take a good look at the most potent one; purchasing a commercial software is far less risky than the decision of a custom software development!

We believe that this argument rests on false premises.

We believe that a commercial software so standardized that it could suit hundreds, thousands of enterprises would have very little impact in terms of competitiveness (office software, for example); evidently, these are far away from critical and specific business processes that make out a brand for an enterprise or upon which rely its competitiveness.

On the opposite, it would be very surprising that a Mine Production Management software could also service as well as a Shoe Manufacturing Management software other than by adding multiple complementary modules or by developing personalized functions; in which case, a custom software development could either be far cheaper or of better quality in terms of deliverables adequacy to requirements because custom software development doesn’t face the constraints of integrating with a specific commercial product.

…and I’ll tell you what kind of Manager you are

To choose, through a collegiality decision-making fashion, a commercial software implies far less risks for the decision-makers which suffer much pressure from owners and stakeholders looking for immediate and continuous growth and profits, quarters after quarters.

But this frame of mind, choosing the less risky option, could be very risky in the long term for the business facing ferocious competition!

The true risk about the decision of a custom software development

To bet on the best technology, generally the most recent one, either to increase employees’ productivity or enhance process performances; that’s the less risky choice, in our humble opinion. And the decision of a custom software development, since it is not constrainted by any commercial product, shoud therefore be considered the rivileged path towards employees’ productivity increase and enhanced process performances.

Thus, do you base your purchase decisions on the immediate demands of owners and stakeholders (profits in the short term) or on the real needs of the enterprise so to distance ferocious competition successfully in the long run ?

Are you the kind of « Manager » who wants to increase immediate ROI and deliver short-term profits? Definitely far less risky… for your career.  Or are you the « Visionary » kind, ready to make tough decisions, making the necessary investments to ensure reaching mid-term and long-term goals? Definitely far more risky for your career but certainly more sound for the future of your enterprise.

So, which Master do you serve? Your personal ambition or the success of your enterprise?



The main goal of Custom Software Development is to identify and to automate your best Business Practices evidently but also and more than anything, those specific processes that make your identity, define your difference and ensure competitiveness.

Very often, the choice to go for a Commercial Software reflects a « Manager » personality while choosing to go for Custom Software Development is more of a « Visionary » one.

In short, before jumping straight ahead to a Commercial Software, one should ask himself (herself) which kind of Leader does my business really need right now, which one will most benefit my business; the Manager or the Visionary?

So, are you going to make the best decision for your career or for the success of your enterprise?


Denis & Michel

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