Back to the essential; Analystik revisits its corporate identity!

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Analystik has come a long way since the creation of its last logo in 2005; several clients have joined the portfolio, including Laurentian Bank, Hitachi Capital Canada and Wells Fargo. And many things have changed in 10 years but our corporate identity…

However, despite the progress made, the different management styles and development methodologies used, the numerous evolutions of systems, frameworks and mobile platforms; our workhorse has always remained the same, the process, and our goal has also always remained the same, quality on all levels.

As a result, when the time came to review our corporate identity, this reflection led us spontaneously to a refreshing approach rather than a recreation process.

And our mission is, again and again, to help companies achieve their business goals by improving the performance of their processes.

Analystik has always been just simply aiming at the top. Thus, Analystik reaffirms its position as a top player, highlighting the letter A, the first letter of the alphabet which also represents excellence and that it aims constantly both in its process and methodology as in its results. In short, Analystik is “A” all the way…

Integrated in counterpoint to the A, the arrow to the right symbolizes progress, advancement; thus, it comes to support by materializing it, the notion of acceleration.

Finally, the signature resumes the antecedent signature, “Accelerate”, to explain it further by refocusing it on the essential, the process: “Process Accelerator”.


Looking forward to sharing our expertise with you,

Michel Martel

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