.Net bootcamp in Montreal

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Finding new developers has always been a big challenge for tech companies. There are not that many developers who are looking for jobs at the moment your company look for a new recruit. From that small number of developers out there, just some of them have knowledge or experience with technologies you use in your projects. Lots of students and graduates are looking to get to the job market fast and start a successful career. Getting the goal oriented, intense education and hand on experience is why they look for a bootcamp. There are just a few bootcamps in Montreal and they teach a limited number of technologies. You will get disappointed after a quick research for bootcamps and training programs for .Net technologies.

Since the recruiting has been also challenging for us, Analystik is starting a new activity to prepare young professionals for job market in Montreal. Some might think why Analystik is at a strong position to claim this challenging responsibility.

Analystik is known for keeping up to date with cutting edge technologies and platforms. We work with Microsoft technology stack which means at the moment we are migrating our products to the new .Net Core platform. At the same time Analystik is keeping an eye on front-end platforms. The recent strategic adoption of Angular is one of the most revolutionary moves we made to go towards a more modern user experience.

Analystik offers services to businesses to optimize their process. This process optimization happened long time ago for our own development process by conforming it to CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration). Since then, we spent considerable time and resources to improve it. For example, in the last few months we reviewed all our templates for documentation to centralize them in one place, in this case; VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services).

In other hand, Analystik is also known for its teamwork culture. We keep up to date with agile methodologies and learning is part of our day to day work style. Delivering frequently and retrospectives enable us to improve our methods constantly. We commit to our deadlines and quality standards. The cosmopolitan population of Analystik is also fun to explore. Cultural events and birthday lunches, happy hours, summer BBQ and language exchange enable us to connect better. Team work is more successful when you consider your colleagues as close friends.

All these said, we believe Analystik is a good fit to fill the gap of a Microsoft technology bootcamp in Montreal. We are focusing on the brand new .Net Core as well as standard architecture and design patterns. For front-end side of the puzzle we are working with both Microsoft MVC projects and Angular platform.


For more information about the. bootcamp go visit: technobootcamp.com

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