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SaaS vs Custom Made Software

The debate between adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) and investing in custom-made software is a pivotal one for businesses strategizing their digital infrastructure. Each option presents a unique set of advantages and challenges that can significantly impact the operational efficiency, scalability, and financial planning of an organization. 

SaaS, cost effective and scalable 

The SaaS solution often comes with a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional software, eliminating the need for substantial upfront investments in development, infrastructure and maintenance. 

The SaaS software providers handle maintenance and updates, ensuring that businesses always have access to the latest features without additional costs or effort. 

Scaling up or down can be as simple as changing the subscription plan, providing businesses with flexibility to adapt to changing needs. 

They may not offer the same level of control or customization as custom software, which can be a significant drawback for businesses with specialized needs.  (more…)

Why the Digital Transformation?

Why the Digital Transformation has been on everyone’s lips for some time.  Is it the Buzz Word of the hour?  Definitely!

Will it soon be replaced by another Buzz Word? Definitely!

For now, the Digital Transformation seems to be perceived as a panacea for productivity and profitability!  And governments have decided to offer different types of assistance to businesses in their quest for Digital Transformation.

The fact remains that if our governments have decided to invest in companies to help them perform better, it is certainly because they detect a malaise.  Unsurprisingly, our national productivity rate is a good indicator of this.*


What is Digital Transformation?