Will we save our tech jobs, and avoid turning into the next third world?

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You think: come on you! Right? Ok, read on. We live in North America and still think that we have the lead on technology. This creates a safe feeling for our tech jobs. We have exported the manufacturing jobs in Asia because manufacturing became just too expensive and the manpower grew unwilling to work for low wages. We probably also hoped that by creating wealth in a very populated area of the world, we would create a big new customer base.


So, it’s all OK. We lead the world with all kinds of new inventions; fun techs. We can’t lose these jobs. Hey, we a have problems finding qualified staff! How can we lose here?

Think about it. When making everybody else richer (and it’s a good thing) we also give them the means to compete on our own turf at some point in time.

Again, everyone is allowed to eat and enjoy life. Nevertheless, they now can perform as well as we do in technology, but at very low wages we can’t afford to accept here. Indian programmers and engineers will work for as low as $4/hour. Their boss will sell their work at $8 or $10/hour. North American companies sell them back at $125/hour making a tiny few, a lot richer. Normally we should call this exploitation, but it’s another subject.

Now, if we keep thinking that we have the lead, we are wrong. For only one example, Chinese are running fast to catch up on Fintech. They are investing billions where we invest millions. By the way, they got the money by producing at very low wages, what we refuse to make here at low profit; even when we are using automated tools. Same other subject, other culprit.

My suggestion is: let’s put effort and money in tomorrow’s needed technology instead of only fun tech. Our planet is asking for us to protect it.  Well, why not think about it even more than we do today?  Yes, we make solar panels and other cool things. But we can do better.

We need alternative energy available at hand. Ways to generate energy for everyone right at our door step.  Small power generating devices that everyone will be able to carry and use anywhere.

This is only one way to lead, keep jobs here and reduce our demand on our planet. I challenge you to find more. If we do, we will keep our lead or, at least, share our planet without needing to tell someone, he or she can’t do this or that, because the planet can’t support it anymore.

If we keep putting our attention on fun techs and power hungry toys, we will be left behind and take someone else’s place in the next third world. One day, our children or grandchildren may be watching someone else playing with toys looking at them saying “Oh look at all these poor people.” “Let’s send them a few pennies. That’s all they need anyway. Cost of living in North America is really low, you know”.


Michel Blier


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